RTNS is a friendly and inclusive conference with a great sense of community that presents excellent opportunities for collaboration. Original unpublished papers on all aspects of real-time systems and networks are welcome. RTNS covers a wide-spectrum of topics in real-time and embedded systems.

RTNS 2018 is the 26th edition of the conference formerly known as RTS (Real-Time Systems, Paris). The first 12 editions of RTS were french-speaking events held in Paris in conjunction with the RTS Embedded System exhibition. Since its 13th edition, the conference language of RTNS has been English.

The 12th Junior Researcher Workshop on Real-Time Computing (JWRTC) is organized jointly with RTNS.


  • Best Paper Award: Supporting I/O and IPC via Fine-Grained OS Isolation for Mixed-Criticality Real-Time Tasks by Namhoon Kim, Stephen Tang, Nathan Otterness, James Anderson, F. Donelson Smith and Donald Porter
  • Best Student Paper Award: Dynamic Wireless Network Reconfiguration for Control System: Nuclear Reactor Case Study by Wenchen Wang, Daniel Mosse, Daniel Cole and Jason Pickel
  • Best Presentation Award: Hardware Assisted Clock Synchronization with the IEEE 1588-2008 Precision Time Protocol by Eleftherios Kyriakakis, Jens Sparsø and Martin Schoeberl
  • Best Paper Award in the Junior Workshop: Code generation for multi-phase tasks on multicore with distributed memory by Frédéric Fort and Julien Forget


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RTNS 2018

Futuroscope / Poitiers

Poitiers, a warm and lively city with many narrow alleyways situated around its historic university, one of the oldest in Europe. It is a favorite stopover for romanesque art lovers who are able to find many different reasons to stroll around and discover the town.

In the north, across the Clain Valley, sports fans will be just as delighted with the lake at St-Cyr and the International Welcome Centre which includes a wide variety of sports and leisure activities.

Just outside Poitiers on a great green plain, futuristic shapes puncture the skyline. It's as if all the far-fetched settings from the science fiction movies have been beamed down to earth. These are the pavilions of Futuroscope and what goes on inside them can be breath-taking. You can experience the magic of massive 3D cinema, virtual reality simulator rides and the latest in communication technologies. There are 22 of the world's largest and most exciting visual presentations, ranging from classics like Mount Everest and The Grand Canyon to the very latest in dynamic entertainement (https://www.futuroscope.com).


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